Hearst Castle Floor Plans

February 29th, 2012

Floor Plan of the Main Floor of the Estate and the Formal Gardens of OHEKA CASTLE. Click onto the Main Floor or Formal Gardens to view a larger image. Hearst Castle has changed their tours where after your guided We did the tour on the main floor which was about 45 so just be sure to factor that into your plans as well. Hearst Castle: 750 Hearst Castle Road San Simeon CA, 93452-9741 (800) 401-4775 http://www.ahl-hearstcastle. This is an index of the various floor plans and maps of Boldt Castle and the seldom seen proposed Greenhouse that was supposed to be on Heart Island. Draw two lines for both sides of the walls (castle walls were very thick). Hello denizens of rpgnet, I've been all over the internet looking for really useful This site has floorplans for Hearst's Castle: http://www.greatbuildings.

Hearst Castle Floor Plans

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